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Co-Create Assessment

Co-Create Assessment

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You've read the Co-Create book. Now you're wondering how to apply some of the ideas contained within it.

In our experience, successful co-creation is a fundamental culture shift! It takes a candid view of you as an individual, your team, and your organization through three distinct lenses: Creativity, Collaboration, and Change!

So, how do you as an individual embrace change? Do you watch it happen, lead it, or wonder what happened? When faced with challenging obstacles, or previously untapped market opportunities, do you possess the skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary to get creative? How about collaboration - is it a wasted buzzword to you, or do you fully embrace it to engage and influence others?

How about your team - how do they feel about these fundamental enablers of real co-creation? And your organization? Do key members of its really believe that they cannot succeed in the future going at it alone? Or are words like partnerships, alliances, and co-creation hollow where you work?

Based on four years of research, over 100 executive interviews, and an in-depth analysis of individuals, teams, and organizations who co-create successfully, comes Nour Group's Co-Create Assessment. Through this candid assessment, you'll get access to both your results as well as over 60 individual coaching tips from David Nour via video samples of ideas to consider, stories of teams who are co-creating successfully, as well as many who are struggling. And what you can learn from their experiences.

After you've taken the assessment, join us in the Nour Forum for discussions on key Co-Create success factors.

Make no mistake about it: the accelerated pace of market changes will demand the best version of you. None of us have all the answers, and Co-Creating new and unique value through a few of your most strategic relationships is your best path forward. Hope you'll join us in this inquiry and exploration.


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