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Curve Benders Book

Curve Benders Book

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Curve Benders is a personal growth roadmap at the intersection of the future of how we’ll work, live, play, and give to others. The book focuses on how strategic relationships can dramatically alter our growth trajectory in both its direction and ultimate destination against the forces that will aim to disrupt our lives.

Nour's research has identified 15 forces that will heavily influence what we’ll be doing, and how and where we’ll engage our current and prospective relationships to create value and make a difference in the lives of others. To remain relevant, we’ll need to upskill, reskill, and redeploy our knowledge, skills, and behaviors. None of us can predict the future. We can all plan our strategic path forward.  

The goal of Nour’s research, interviews, and this book is to provide the reader with a roadmap for personal, professional, and organizational growth. Beyond a linear growth journey, Nour highlights how certain relationships enable a non-linear growth trajectory. Beyond what we can accomplish, they often shape who we become. The relationships are "curve benders" and Nour describes who and where they are, how to find and engage them, and equally valuable, how one becomes a curve bender to profoundly impact the lives and livelihoods of others.


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