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Relationship Economics, 3rd Edition

Relationship Economics, 3rd Edition

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In Relationship Economics, completely re-written 3rd edition, senior leadership/board advisor, executive educator and coach, global speaker, and best-selling author, David Nour draws on two decades of experience in working with world-class leaders and their teams and reveals insightful strategies to help you capitalize on your biggest asset: your business relationships.

In this idea-packed book, you’ll:

  • Better understand the top reasons why most networking doesn’t work!
  • Adapt your approach to hybrid relationships – physical, digital, and global – in the post-pandemic business world to create engagement, influence, and impact
  • Learn how to become more intentional, strategic, and quantifiable in the business relationships you choose to invest in.
  • Understand the six unique phases of strategic relationships – from mapping to capitalizing – required to set yourself apart from your peers.
  • Discover time-tested and unique solutions to business relationship success over time, including Reputation Capital and your Professional Net Worth.
  • Gain clarity and a glimpse into the role of AI and Machine Learning in business relationships and how you must adapt in the coming decade
  • Learn how Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and Curve Benders are your roadmap to success in the future of work.

Perfect for every business professional who wants to turn everyday contacts into extraordinary relationships, which directly and materially contribute to one’s personal and professional success. Relationship Economics is an invaluable roadmap to realizing and exceeding your personal and professional goals by tapping into the superpowers and gifts of business relationships.


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